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MAGIECRETE SL is a self-leveling cementitious polyurethane mortar, without solvent, without joints, and comprising three components in order to produce a very strong hybrid product, more than concrete, following the hydration reaction of the cement (water prevents A , cement of part C) and also resistant to thermal shocks due to the polyurethane function resulting from the reaction between part A and part B. MAGIECRETE SL is applied with a 50 cm stainless steel trowel to a thickness that varies between 4 and 6 mm (3/16″ to 1/4″) followed by a light dusting of dry granules for a more non-slip surface. MAGIECRETE SL once cured forms an exceptionally hard, flexible and resilient mortar coating, which translates into its remarkable resistance to thermal shock, resistance to abrasion, wear and resistance to organic chemicals and chemicals. inorganic.

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