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MGC 5028

Discover MAGIECHEM 5028, a urethane-modified epoxy vapor barrier membrane designed to effectively address the common issue of bubble formation when applying polyurethane or epoxy on wet surfaces. This innovative solution provides exceptional adhesion, thanks to its low viscosity and the ability to apply it at temperatures as low as 2°C (36°F), making it the ideal choice for a variety of demanding projects. The best moisture vapor barrier.

MAGIECHEM 5028 ensures optimal protection against moisture, while remaining easy to mix and apply. Its unique formulation makes it a high-quality product, offering a reliable waterproof barrier. Whether for commercial or industrial applications, MAGIECHEM 5028 meets your surface preparation needs. Protect your construction projects from the harmful effects of moisture and ensure their durability with MAGIECHEM 5028, your trusted vapor barrier membrane solution.

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