MAGIECHEM 500D ESD is a two component high solid, smooth high gloss finish conductive epoxy coating, when it is installed at the rate thickness. With the proper preparation on the rate base coat. MAGIECHM 500D ESD has an excellent resistance reading in the conductive range of 1.0 x 106 to 1.0 x 1010 Ω (Ohms) and a good chemical resistant. For extremely high chemical resistance ask for Novalac version. MAGIECHEM 500D ESD has a consistent resistance measurement when tested at 10 to 500 Volts with a Megohmeter according to NORME ANSI S20.20/ANSI 97.1 and ASTM F150.
• Easy mixing ratio 2A : 1B by volume
• Maintains electrical conductivity by volume
• Maintains electrical conductivity over the wear life
• Excellent adhesion and abrasion
• Easy to maintain, smooth surface
• Prevents explosion and fire with eliminating all electrical
surface charge when well grounded.
• Meets LEED requirement

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