A groundbreaking two-component epoxy, perfectly balanced with a 1:1 mixing ratio and high-solid composition, delivering a superior ceramic finish upon curing. Tailored for high performance, it excels in wetting and hiding power on porous substrates, enhancing appearance while providing exceptional abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and prevention of mold and fungi growth. Functioning as both a self-primer and topcoat, MAGIECHEM 516 effortlessly imparts a pristine ceramic finish to all substrates when skillfully applied and cured. With an easy 1A:1B mixing ratio, it ensures a seamless application, featuring pseudo-plastic viscosity for excellent humidity resistance and unparalleled adhesion. User-friendly advantages include easy cleaning and the ability to fill and seal imperfect substrates, making it a cost-effective coating enriched with inorganic fillers for maximum performance. Redefine your coating experience with MAGIECHEM 516, effortless, durable, and cost-efficient.

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