MAGIECHEM 837 offers a versatile solution as a slow-cure, 100% solid epoxy casting resin designed for meticulous applications. With a low viscosity and remarkable scratch and yellowing resistance, this resin is perfect for encapsulating electrical components or crafting decorative pieces like tables, trophies, and jewelry. Tailored for indoor use, MAGIECHEM 837 ensures precision in embedding and artistic creations, providing a high-quality epoxy resin with a seamless 2A:1B mixing ratio. Its pseudo-plastic viscosity, excellent humidity resistance, and adherence to various substrates make it an ideal choice for casting, molding, coating, and filling. Expect zero shrinkage and a solid, durable epoxy with superior strength characteristics and thermal stability (-35°C to +80°C). Choose MAGIECHEM 837 for meticulous craftsmanship that meets LEED requirements.

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