MAGIECHEM 9802: Revolutionize your flooring with our cutting-edge flexible epoxy/urethane membrane, MAGIECHEM 9802. This self-leveling, 100% solid two-component membrane boasts unparalleled strength and crack resistance, making it a superior choice for waterproofing and protecting various surfaces.

Designed for optimal adhesion to both concrete and wood, MAGIECHEM 9802 serves as an exceptional base coat for hardwood floors and excels as a reflective/marble system for both wooden and concrete surfaces. Its remarkable elongation and higher modulus set it apart, making it the go-to solution for wear coats in demanding areas like parking decks. Enhance safety by incorporating a 24 mesh dry aggregate for an anti-slip finish that aligns with LEED requirements.

Discover the perfect balance of strength and flexibility with MAGIECHEM 9802, a membrane that not only safeguards against salts and automotive liquids but also transforms your space with enduring performance and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your flooring experience with MAGIECHEM 9802 – where innovation meets resilience.

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