Introducing Our MAGIESHIELD™ Standard Garage Coating System

Standard system


100% Eco-Friendly, Vegetable Oil based, VOC compliant, Two-component, Low odor, 99% solids, Seamless waterproof membrane, Excellent chloride resistance, Excellent chemical resistance, Skid resistant


  • Environmentally responsible.
  • Provides a fast setting time, even in cooler climates, reducing facility downtime.
  • Suitable for use over or near inhabited structures; non-flammable and solvent-free.
  • Protects concrete from freeze/thaw damage and protects occupied areas below from water damage.
  • Features a seamless application to prevent leaks.
  • Protects from chloride intrusion, extending the life of reinforcing steel.
  • Offers protection against common parking deck chemicals, including gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, alcohol, ethylene glycol, de-icing salt, bleach, and cleaning agents.
  • Increases safety, offers excellent durability, and superior abrasion resistance.


MAGIECHEM® 5076 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy primer known for its extremely low viscosity, allowing for deep penetration into concrete. Its outstanding wetting capacity accounts for its exceptional adhesion. MAGIECHEM® 5076 can be applied on dry or damp concrete, but not on water-saturated concrete. Key benefits include excellent penetration, low viscosity, exceptional flexibility, and top-notch adhesion to concrete.

Membrane Eco-Friendly

MAGIECHEM® 293 Membrane is a polyurethane membrane composed of 100% reactive solids, ideal for waterproofing concrete slabs and special floor coverings such as parking decks, bridges, balconies, mechanical rooms, showers, and more. With an easy application process, this solvent-free solution is impact-resistant, dries quickly, and acts as an anti-fracture membrane, reducing the propagation of cracks in subsequent coating layers.

Wear Coat

MAGIECHEM® 295 Wear Coat is a two-component aromatic polyurethane binder that is 100% solids, primarily developed for high abrasion resistance. It can also be used as a waterproof membrane to protect surfaces from water infiltration. Additionally, if you require a non-slip surface, MAGIECHEM® 295 can accommodate the addition of dry aggregates such as silica sand or other abrasive aggregates ranging from 16 to 24 Mesh in size, providing a secure non-slip finish.

Top Coat (if Exterior)

MAGIECHEM® 9094 (Exterior Applications) is a high-performance, two-component aliphatic, 97% solids polyurethane membrane designed as a topcoat for the MAGIEDECK™ Coating System. It features outstanding properties, including resistance to corrosive environments and excellent wear resistance.

Application of systems

Magiechem® MAGIESHIELD™ System can be applied using several methods, depending upon the degree of traffic to which the system is exposed. In areas of extreme traffic (turning lanes, pay booths, entrances and exits), apply the Extra Heavy-Duty Traffic System. The following summary briefly describes each method. All coverage rates are approximate.



More information

  • Provide a mockup of at least 100 ft² (9.3 m²) to include surface profile, sealant joint, crack, flashing, and juncture details, and allow for evaluation of slip resistance and appearance of Magiechem® MAGIEDECK™ Solution.
  • Install mockup with specified coating types and other components as noted.
  • Locate where directed by the architect.
  • The mockup may remain as part of the work if acceptable to the architect.
  • Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with Magiechem® Solvant Cleaner or Xylene. 
  • Cured material must be removed mechanically.
  • Magiechem® 293, 295, 5076, 9094 and 9802 have very short working times. Once the material has been mixed, it must be poured onto the surface and applied immediately.
  • Magiechem® 295 Top Coat will discolor if exposed to UV light.
  • The minimum application temperature is 40°F (4°C) and rising.
  • If areas of inadequate slip resistance exist, an additional Magiechem® Top Coat backrolled with aggregate is required.
  • Do not apply to concrete that is outgassing.
  • Warm temperatures will shorten working time; plan work accordingly.
  • Concrete should have a minimum compressive strength of 3,000 psi (21 MPa) and be cured for a minimum of 28 days.
  • Do not apply Magiechem® MAGIEDECK™ Solution to concrete slabs on grade.
  • Be sure to allow for movement in the deck by the proper design and use of expansion and control joints.
  • Select the proper type and amount of aggregate to achieve desired slip resistance.
  • The best method to ensure the proper wet film thickness is the use of a grid system. Divide the surface to be coated into grids and calculate the square footage of each. Refer to the coverage chart to determine the quantity of coating needed for each grid to arrive at the required mil thicknesses.
  • Contact Technical Service when substrates are over 90°F (32°C) or under 40°F (4°C), or when applying to decks containing between-slab membranes.
  • Avoid application of Magiechem® MAGIEDECK™ Solution traffic deck coatings when inclement weather is present or imminent.
  • Do not apply MAGIEDECK™ Solution to damp, wet, or contaminated surfaces.
  • MAGIEDECK™ Solution is not suitable for use where chained or metal-studded tires will be used.
  • Make certain the most current versions of the product data sheet and MSDS are being used; call Customer Service (+1 450-444-4949) to verify the most current versions.
  • Proper application is the responsibility of the user. Field visits by MAGIECHEM personnel are for the purpose of making technical recommendations only and not for supervising or providing quality control on the job site.
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