Introducing Our MAGIEHOME™ Metallic Finish Basement Coating System

Metallic Finish System


Water-Based, Eco-Friendly, Two-Component, Low VOC, 100% Solids, Seamless Vapor Barrier, Superior Adhesion and Penetration, Exceptional Chemical and Abrasion Resistance, Fast Recoating Capabilities, Meets LEED Requirements, Suitable for Green and Old Concrete & High Moisture Management


  • Rapid Application and Cure: Specially formulated for fast application and curing, even on green concrete, allowing for quick project turnaround.
  • Superior Adhesion: Ensures strong bonding to various concrete surfaces, including those with broom finishes, enhancing the longevity and durability of the flooring.
  • Exceptional Penetration: Deeply penetrates concrete surfaces, providing a solid foundation for subsequent coatings and finishes.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water-based and 100% solids formulations align with environmentally conscious projects, supporting LEED certification goals.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for indoor use across all industry settings, offering options for decorative finishes with quartz aggregates.
  • Seamless Vapor Barrier: Acts effectively as a vapor barrier, managing moisture in old and new concrete, and preventing potential flooring issues.
  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistance: Offers excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and wear, maintaining aesthetic appeal and surface integrity under heavy use.
  • Low VOC and Odor: Minimizes emissions and odors during application, ensuring a safer environment for applicators and occupants.
  • Ceramic-Look Finish: Achieves a strong, glossy finish with a ceramic look, elevating the visual quality of the floor.
  • Compatibility with Low Odor Finish Products: Works seamlessly with a range of finishing products, including those with low VOCs and high flash points, for a comprehensive and customizable flooring solution.

Vapor Barrier Primer

MAGIECHEM® 5087 is an advanced, water-based, two-component epoxy primer, expertly crafted for immediate application on green concrete. This cutting-edge formula is engineered for indoor settings, where it showcases its exceptional adhesion and profound penetration prowess. MAGIECHEM® 5087 is not just a primer; it's a transformative solution that seals and protects broom-finished concrete with unparalleled effectiveness. Boasting an Extreme Vapor Barrier capability, it establishes a formidable defense against moisture, setting a new benchmark for flooring primers. Its swift recoating feature and superior moisture management system position MAGIECHEM® 5087 as the ultimate choice for achieving durable, protected, and aesthetically pleasing concrete floors with minimal downtime.

Base Coat

MAGIECHEM® 456 is a premier two-component, low viscosity epoxy binder with a 100% solid content, designed for excellent self-leveling properties suitable for general applications. Its specialized formulation enhances substrate wetting for optimal adhesion and a durable finish, while its unique plastic-like texture ensures remarkable resistance and superior abrasion resilience. Noteworthy for its robust adhesion to a variety of substrates, compliance with LEED requirements for sustainability, and zero VOC emissions for safer indoor environments, MAGIECHEM® 456 simplifies the application process, making it an ideal choice for professionals in search of a high-quality, long-lasting flooring solution.

High Performance Metallic Coat

MAGIECHEM® 9461 is a high-performance, two-component, 100% solid epoxy-based self-leveling coating, heralding a new era in floor finishing. Developed to be universally applicable, it boasts a ceramic-like finish that is both strong and visually appealing. Whether used on its own or combined with quartz aggregates, MAGIECHEM® 9461 delivers a durable and decorative floor finish, suitable for a wide range of environments. Its exceptional chemical, mechanical, and abrasion resistance meets LEED requirements, making it an environmentally conscious choice for both textured and anti-slip finishes. Transform your space with the resilience and elegance of MAGIECHEM® 9461, the ultimate solution for a seamless, high-quality floor coating.

Top Coat (Optional)

MAGIECHEM® 421 emerges as a leading top coat innovation with its two-component aliphatic polyurethane hybrid formulation, renowned for its superior UV protection capabilities. Tailored for both existing epoxy floors and standalone applications, MAGIECHEM® 421 ensures a robust, anti-slip finish even in environments as cool as 41°F. Upon full cure, it exhibits remarkable resistance to abrasion and wear, prevents yellowing, and is available in either matte or high gloss finishes, offering an effortlessly clean, aesthetically pleasing surface. Its advantages include:

Application of systems

Magiechem® MAGIEHOME™ Metallic Finish Basement System is expertly designed for diverse applications, tailored to the unique demands of each project. Crafted to bestow a luxurious marble finish on basement floors, the MAGIEHOME™ system employs a specialized formula that ensures both resilience and longevity. This guide showcases various application strategies, each adapted for different usage intensities within a home’s basement, safeguarding the system’s refined marble effect. All coverage rates are approximate.


MAGIEHOME™ Metallic Finish

More information

  • Provide a mockup covering at least 100 ft² (9.3 m²) to showcase the Magiechem® MAGIEHOME™ Metallic Basement System’s unique features.
  • Include details such as surface texture, edge treatments, color blending, and marble effect variations.
  • Evaluate slip resistance and aesthetic appeal through the mockup.
  • Utilize specified primer, base coats, color pods, and application methods designated for the system.
  • Position the mockup in a location agreed with the homeowner or interior designer.
  • If approved for appearance and performance, the mockup may be integrated into the final installation.
  • Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with Magiechem® Solvant Cleaner or Xylene. 
  • Cured material must be removed mechanically.
  • Avoid application on outgassing concrete.
  • Higher temperatures reduce working time; adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Use a grid system to ensure accurate wet film thickness; calculate the coating needed for each grid to achieve required thickness.
  • Avoid applying Magiechem® MAGIEHOME™ Metallic Basement System during bad weather
  • Do not apply to damp, wet, or contaminated surfaces.
  • Always use the most current product data sheets and MSDS; contact Customer Service (+1 450-444-4949) for the latest versions.
  • Proper application is the user’s responsibility; MAGIECHEM personnel visits are for technical advice, not for supervising or quality control.
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