Introducing Our MAGIESHIELD™ Quick Cure Garage Coating System

Quick cure garage system


100% Eco-Friendly, Vegetable Oil based, VOC compliant, Two-component, Low odor, 99% solids, Seamless waterproof membrane, Excellent chloride resistance, Excellent chemical resistance, Skid resistant


  • Environmentally responsible.
  • Provides a fast setting time, even in cooler climates, reducing facility downtime.
  • Suitable for use over or near inhabited structures; non-flammable and solvent-free.
  • Protects concrete from freeze/thaw damage and protects occupied areas below from water damage.
  • Features a seamless application to prevent leaks.
  • Protects from chloride intrusion, extending the life of reinforcing steel.
  • Offers protection against common parking deck chemicals, including gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, alcohol, ethylene glycol, de-icing salt, bleach, and cleaning agents.
  • Increases safety, offers excellent durability, and superior abrasion resistance.

Base Coat



MAGIEFLAKES™ are fully compatible with almost all of our MAGIECHEM® liquid resin formulations, accommodating a variety of application demands. These innovative flake systems are crafted for multipurpose use, spanning residential, commercial, and industrial floor enhancements. A spectrum of standard blends is readily available, while bespoke mixtures can be crafted upon request to align with unique project visions. With their exceptional UV resistance, MAGIEFLAKES™ guarantee enduring color vibrancy. Equally suited for indoor and outdoor environments, they elevate the functional robustness and aesthetic allure of any flooring endeavor.

Top Coat

MAGIECHEM® 855 is compatible with a wide array of our MAGIECHEM® coating products, tailored for a variety of application needs. This advanced aliphatic polyaspartic floor coating, with its 80% solid composition, is designed for durability and extended service life. It comes in a range of standard colors, with custom blends available upon request. Renowned for its excellent UV resistance, MAGIECHEM® 855 ensures lasting color fidelity. Suitable for application in low temperatures down to 0°F, it's versatile for both indoor and outdoor environments. Upon full cure, MAGIECHEM® 855 achieves a highly abrasion-resistant, glossy finish, making it the premier choice for flooring projects seeking both aesthetic quality and long-lasting performance.

Application of systems

The Magiechem® MAGIESHIELD™ Quick Cure Garage System is designed with versatility to adapt to various application needs, specifically tailored for residential garages. This system provides fast application, durable protection and aesthetic enhancement for garage floors, catering to different levels of usage.



More information

  • Provide a mockup covering at least 100 ft² (9.3 m²) to showcase the Magiechem® MAGIESHIELD™ Flash Cure System’s unique features.
  • Include details such as surface texture, edge treatments, color blending, and marble effect variations.
  • Evaluate slip resistance and aesthetic appeal through the mockup.
  • Utilize specified primer, base coats, color pods, and application methods designated for the system.
  • Position the mockup in a location agreed with the homeowner or interior designer.
  • If approved for appearance and performance, the mockup may be integrated into the final installation.
  • Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with Magiechem® Solvant Cleaner or Xylene. 
  • Cured material must be removed mechanically.
  • Avoid application on outgassing concrete.
  • Higher temperatures reduce working time; adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Use a grid system to ensure accurate wet film thickness; calculate the coating needed for each grid to achieve required thickness.
  • Avoid applying Magiechem® MAGIESHIELD™ Quick Cure Garage System during bad weather
  • Do not apply to damp, wet, or contaminated surfaces.
  • Always use the most current product data sheets and MSDS; contact Customer Service (+1 450-444-4949) for the latest versions.
  • Proper application is the user’s responsibility; MAGIECHEM personnel visits are for technical advice, not for supervising or quality control.
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