Introducing MAGIECHEM 601, a cutting-edge two-component water-based epoxy binder meticulously formulated for Portland cement and dry sand applications. Tailored for restoration, rapid-set patching, and leveling or filling/grouting of bughole areas in walls, MAGIECHEM 601 stands as the ideal preliminary solution before the application of other MAGIECHEM systems. Offering the unique advantage of bonding to damp concrete, this binder is not only economically efficient but also environmentally conscious with a VOC level of less than 50 g/l, meeting LEED program requirements. The high-build patching epoxy system ensures swift overcoating in less than 24 hours with nearly all MAGIECHEM 100% solid epoxy coatings, providing a seamless and efficient workflow. Experience ease of application with the ability to trawl effortlessly when properly mixed with sand and Portland cement, adhering to the specified mixing ratio.

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