Discover the innovative  100% Solid Epoxy Gel Thixotropic Crack Filler, MAGIECHEM 816. Engineered for precision in concrete crack and joint repair, this thixotropic two-component gel is ideal for both new and old concrete structures. With its 100% solids formula, MAGIECHEM 816 delivers a robust, insoluble repair solution without the need for flexibility.

This Thixotropic Crack Filler Epoxy Gel is specially formulated for seamless application on vertical or horizontal surfaces, ensuring thorough penetration and exceptional adhesion. Its fast curing and high thixotropy simplify the repair process, offering a quick, reliable fix for cracks and joints. Plus, MAGIECHEM 816 boasts easy mixing and application, with no induction required, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking efficient and effective repair solutions.

Moreover, MAGIECHEM 816 stands out for its versatility. It’s suitable for dry or wet concrete applications but excels in environments where dampness is not a concern. Its low viscosity and excellent wetting power enhance its adhesion capabilities compared to other epoxy primers, making it a superior option for sealing vertical or horizontal cracks.

Ideal for a wide range of repair needs, MAGIECHEM 816 ensures durable, high-quality results. Its easy-to-apply nature, coupled with fast cure times and resistance to festoons, provides a hassle-free solution for concrete repair. Cleanup is straightforward, enhancing its user-friendly appeal.

Professionals trust MAGIECHEM 816 for its flexibility, ease of use, and exceptional adhesion. It redefines the standard for epoxy gel concrete repair, promising long-lasting protection and reliability.

Choose MAGIECHEM 816 for your concrete repair projects and experience the difference in quality and performance. With MAGIECHEM‘s proven track record, MAGIECHEM 816 is your go-to solution for enduring concrete restoration.

MAGIECHEM 816 – Your Choice for Thixotropic Epoxy Gel Concrete Repair.

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