MAGIECHEM 855 stands out. It’s an 80% solid, two-component High Performance Polyaspartic floor coating. Expertly designed for conventional application. It can be applied over existing epoxy floors. Or utilized as a robust standalone solution with exceptional UV resistance. Furthermore, it is suitable for use in low temperatures down to 0°F. Once fully cured, MAGIECHEM 855 boasts a smooth, high-gloss finish. It offers superior abrasion and wear resistance. Ensuring it does not yellow over time.

Moreover, with an easy 1:1 mixing ratio and outstanding humidity and temperature resistance, this polyaspartic floor coating rapidly cures even at low temperatures. Its installation is straightforward. Requiring no solvents, which makes it perfect for a variety of flooring applications that require durability, aesthetics, and LEED compliance. Consequently, MAGIECHEM 855 serves as a linchpin in high-performance floor coatings, catering to a broad spectrum of applications across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

This High Solid Polyaspartic Floor Coating is not just an additive layer. It’s an essential defense for both new and existing floors. Seamlessly integrating with MAGIECHEM‘s extensive product range. It guarantees top-tier protection and visual appeal in diverse environments. Thus, MAGIECHEM 855 redefines the benchmark for protective coatings. Delivering unmatched resilience against physical wear and environmental challenges.


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  • Exceptional Durability: Provides a high-gloss finish that withstands heavy foot traffic and mechanical wear without yellowing over time.
  • Climate Resilient: Performs excellently in low temperatures, with rapid curing properties that ensure minimal downtime.
  • UV Resistance: Offers superior protection against UV rays, maintaining color fidelity and surface integrity.
  • Easy Application: Features a convenient 1:1 mixing ratio and requires no solvents, simplifying installation.
  • Eco-Friendly: LEED compliant, supporting environmentally responsible building practices.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a variety of settings including residential garages, commercial spaces, outdoor areas and more.



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