Explore the excellence of MAGIECRETE™ HP High Performance Cementitious Polyurethane Flooring System, a standout in polyurethane cement technology. This high-performance Cement Polyurethane, trowel-grade, solvent-free solution cures fast. It creates a durable, non-slip textured surface. Ideal for wet and dry areas, especially in the food and beverage industry, it embodies strength and resilience for high-traffic areas.

Moreover, MAGIECRETE™ HP, with its polyurethane cement formulation, is odorless and formulated for horizontal application at a minimum thickness of 6 mm. This innovative Cementitious Polyurethane Mortar shields concrete slabs against deterioration from organic and inorganic chemicals, bacterial growth, and withstands thermal shocks from extreme cold to heat steam treatments. It’s a versatile choice for a variety of industrial settings.

Notably, MAGIECRETE™ HP offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance. It stands up to the rigorous demands of the food and beverage industry and beyond. Its adhesion to both wet and dry concrete is unmatched. It provides a high abrasion-resistant, seamless, waterproof, slip-resistant topping that also adheres to mild steel and water-resistant plywood.

For those seeking high-impact, zero VOC, odorless, and non-tainting flooring solutions, MAGIECRETE™ HP is the superior choice. It meets LEED requirements, ensuring eco-friendly projects without compromising performance. Also, it’s easy to apply, clean, and sterilize, supporting a wide service temperature range from -18°C to 80°C. This establishes its versatility and utility in various environments.

MAGIECRETE™ HP – Redefining Flooring Solutions in the Food and Beverage Industry with Advanced Cementitious Polyurethane Mortar Technology. It’s the reference for durable, high-performance flooring solutions across diverse industries.

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