Discover the MAGIECRETE™ SL Self-Leveling Cementitious Polyurethane Flooring System, an ideal solution for the food and beverage industry and beyond. Indeed, this system is renowned for its advanced Self-Leveling Polyurethane Cement formulation. It excels in safeguarding concrete slabs from a variety of threats. These include organic and inorganic chemicals, bacterial proliferation, and extreme thermal shifts, ranging from intense cold to steam heat exposures.

Furthermore, the MAGIECRETE™ SL system uniquely combines the durability of polyurethane with the versatility of cementitious components, crafting a resilient, non-slip textured finish. With its solvent-free makeup, it ensures zero VOC emissions, underscoring its environmental safety for indoor applications. Importantly, MAGIECRETE™ SL is lauded for its remarkable thermal shock resistance. It boasts excellent adhesion to both wet and dry concrete surfaces. Additionally, it meets stringent LEED criteria, reflecting its sustainable design ethos.

Specially designed for application in various operational zones, MAGIECRETE™ SL facilitates a straightforward squeegee application process. This redefines expectations for industrial flooring solutions, proving its merit in high-traffic domains by resisting chemical abrasion with ease. This Self-Leveling Cementitious Polyurethane Flooring system merges superior functionality with simplified upkeep.

Choosing MAGIECRETE™ SL for your project guarantees unparalleled protection, visual appeal, and commitment to environmental stewardship. It emerges as a strategic investment in the operational effectiveness and safety of diverse industrial or commercial settings.

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