Discover the exceptional MAGIECHEM 293 100% Solid Polyurethane Membrane, a premier Liquid Applied Membrane crafted for comprehensive waterproofing needs. Specially designed for concrete slabs and beneath special floor coatings, MAGIECHEM 293 excels in parking decks, bridges, balconies, mechanical rooms, showers, or any area demanding a waterproofing barrier. Moreover, its versatility is enhanced by a vertical application version.

With MAGIECHEM 293, effortlessly prepare surfaces for lasting waterproof seals. Compatible with gypsum, metal, or concrete, it provides superior adhesion for additional coatings. Additionally, this Liquid Applied Membrane is solvent-free and emits low odor, affirming its status as an eco-friendly option.

This Polyurethane Membrane Liquid Waterproofing solution, can be applied at 30 mils (750 microns) thickness beneath epoxy floor systems, serves as an anti-fracture membrane. Importantly, it significantly minimizes the spread of potential cracks in subsequent coating layers. Thanks to its easy application and quick drying time, this self-leveling and elastomeric membrane ensures durable protection and waterproof integrity.

Choose MAGIECHEM 293 to leverage its seamless application, swift curing, and remarkable flexibility. Beyond merely filling and sealing, this Polyurethane Membrane Liquid Waterproofing delivers a cost-effective, high-performance solution for expansive waterproofing projects.

Ideal for diverse applications, MAGIECHEM 293 streamlines the process of achieving a high-quality, protective, and aesthetic finish. Furthermore, its straightforward cleanup process underscores a user-friendly experience from inception to completion.

Trust MAGIECHEM 293 for elevating your waterproofing projects with a flawless, enduring barrier. It sets the standard for both interior and exterior coating projects, providing unmatched protection, aesthetic appeal, and commitment to environmental safety.

MAGIECHEM 293 – Leading the way in 100% Solid Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing Solutions.

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