Discover the MAGIECHEM 955, a revolutionary coating for your floors. This High-Solid Aliphatic Polyaspartic offers an unparalleled combination of benefits, starting with its exceptional abrasion resistance, ensuring unmatched durability for your floors. The easy and solvent-free application makes installation a breeze, while providing a smooth and glossy finish that won’t yellow over time. You’ll also benefit from increased protection against the harmful effects of UV, ensuring color stability over the years.

    • Exceptional abrasion resistance for long-lasting protection.
    • Easy solvent-free application for simplified setup.
    • Smooth and glossy finish that remains vibrant over time.
    • Outstanding UV resistance for stable color.
    • High Solid Aliphatic Polyaspartic for superior performance.

With MAGIECHEM 955, you can be confident in maximum floor protection while maintaining their impeccable and durable appearance.

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