Discover MAGIECRETE TC, a cutting-edge Cementitious Polyurethane Top Coat. Specifically designed as a premium finish for MAGIECRETE systems, including HP, SL, and VG, it offers a specialized dull finish. This unique feature effectively conceals marks from trowels or paint-rollers. Moreover, it enhances non-skid finishes, making it an ideal solution for adjusting surface textures for both safety and aesthetics.

Applied with a 5/32″ serrated scraper and back-rolled for uniformity, MAGIECRETE TC receives a sprinkle of 32-mesh dry grains for an optimal non-slip finish. Once polymerized, it transforms into an exceptionally hard, flexible, and resilient Polyurethane Mortar Topcoat. Consequently, it exhibits remarkable resistance to thermal shocks, impact, abrasion, wear, and both organic and inorganic chemicals.

With CFIA acceptance, MAGIECRETE TC creates a seamless, waterproof, anti-slip surface. Furthermore, applicable in low temperatures down to 4°C, it is virtually VOC-free and completely odorless. Its Cement polyurethane composition effectively inhibits bacterial growth, providing excellent resistance to a broad range of substances.

Additionally, MAGIECRETE TC stands out for its ease of application over green concrete. It’s breathable, offering exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance. This Cementitious Coating is ideal for applying over freshly laid concrete, thereby enhancing its utility.

Consider MAGIECRETE TC for a durable, attractive, and safe Cementitious Polyurethane Top Coat. It ensures longevity and durability, making it a superior choice for your coating needs. Perfect for various environments, MAGIECRETE TC represents the pinnacle of seamless, waterproof surface creation, thereby redefining industry standards.

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