Introducing MAGIECHEM 295, an advanced 100% Solid Aromatic Polyurethane Wear Coating. This product is a two-component, Aromatic Polyurethane based on Vegetable Oil. It excels in areas with heavy traffic. Its application is ideal for parking garages and decks. When applied over 25 mils of MAGIECHEM 309 and combined with dry silica sand, it demonstrates unparalleled versatility and durability.

MAGIECHEM 295 stands out for its ease of application and exceptional resistance to humidity. It provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance. This coating is perfect for creating waterproof membranes. It also prevents concrete fractures from affecting the top epoxy layer. This is especially crucial in zones with significant movement.

This eco-friendly coating meets LEED requirements, contains no solvents, and is odorless. Its composition is both firm and flexible, incorporating renewable polyols. Thus, MAGIECHEM 295 represents not only a protective solution but also an environmentally responsible choice.

Suitable for enhancing both commercial and private spaces, MAGIECHEM 295 delivers a secure, non-slip finish. It works well with various substrates including concrete, metal, wood, and gypsum. This broad compatibility extends its utility across numerous types of projects.

Consider MAGIECHEM 295 for unmatched protection and durability of your surfaces. It is the best solution for enhancing surfaces in demanding environments. MAGIECHEM 295 combines outstanding performance with environmental sustainability. It is the best choice for long-lasting surface protection and enhancement.

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